It’s been…. busy.

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, but the past couple weeks have been insanely busy, we’ve had birthdays, back-to-school, family emergencies, a friend who had a nasty car accident and me going back to college. Loki wasn’t joking when He said it was time to get to work. Despite the three ring circus the past couple weeks have been Loki has been pushing me to learn as much as possible. He seems to approve of my return to college, but He has His own lessons He wants me to learn. Professor Loki may actually turn out to assign more homework than my actual college professors. Professor Loki also tends to be random as fuck learn the runes, learn to knit, you need to get back into crafting, w/We’re going to start doing spellwork, you need to learn Buddhist meditation techniques the list goes on. I’m trying to keep up, but I’m beginning to think there may not be enough hours in the day for all this. It’s all very exciting though, and for the most part I’m enjoying learning all these new things, but this blog may take a backseat to real life for awhile.        


A Belated Day 6 Community

One of the things I’ve noticed about becoming Pagan especially in certain areas is the sense of a loss of community. When I was a Christian there was no shortage of places to go to worship and groups to do all sorts of things with. There were study groups, choirs, women’s groups, prayer groups, single’s groups, mom’s groups and on and on. Try finding that if you are a brand new Pagan who happens to be following Loki. If you can even find a Kindred in your area that doesn’t have the crazy militia or Neo Nazi vibe going on it’s still not  a sure thing that Loki and one of His would be welcome. Thank the Gods for the internet it has kept me mostly sane for the past couple years, and helped me find a new friend who lives close enough that I could actually make a day trip of a visit to meet her and look into joining the Kindred she is starting up. Things went really well and everyone that showed up seemed to be very nice and like-minded. So today I’d just like to thanks Loki for returning that sense of community that I once enjoyed before leaving Christianity. It’s been a little over three years since I’ve been able to discuss what I believe with a group of like-minded people outside of the internet. I’d almost forgotten how good it felt to have that kind of group dynamic, and how much you can learn from just listening to others. Thank you Loki I don’t think I had even realized just how much I’d missed that.