Gone, Gone,Gone by Phillip Pillips

So another song Loki has communicated to me with. Things have been super rough lately as far as finances go. It’s been one of those situations where we just can’t seem to get ahead no matter what we do. Last night I was talking to a friend about it telling her how I didn’t feel right about going to Loki with those problems. I’d been chastised in a forum group for treating Loki like a replacement for Jesus, and told I was a delusional Lokean and a fake Pagan because I mentioned times when Loki had helped me. My friend in her wisdom told me to just talk to him if for no other reason than to get my worries off my chest . This morning after dropping the mortal spouse off at work I decided to talk to Loki on the drive back home as I pulled onto the driveway to our house this started playing

Sorry For Not Posting For Awhile or Hey I’m Still Alive and Haven’t Dropped Off the Face Of the Earth.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted mostly because I went back to college to get a degree as a paralegal. It seems the only writing I’ve been able to complete lately has been essays, term papers and legal briefs. Plus at least in my relationship with Loki things seem to go in cycles and seasons Loki is always most present during the warmer months then I don’t see or hear from Him much from say mid-November through March. Once the growing season begins and things turn warm Loki is back right on up through harvest time. It’s just a pattern I’ve noticed over the past several years.

Loki is definitely back and as usual He brings many changes. This year He was very big on the idea of starting a garden I got most of what He wanted done, of course I fell a bit short on cash for all the things He wanted planted. There’s been many suggestions of doing some traveling this summer. Lots of suggestions of going camping, or to the beach, or hey let’s go camping on the beach. I know Loki likes to travel, and it’s something I haven’t gotten much of a chance to do in a long time even though it is something I love too. Those have been Loki’s influences in my day to day life.

In spiritual matters things are turning quite serious again. Loki wants me to start journeying again seems I have lessons to learn Elsewhere again. Loki through me for a bit of a loop recently I had a wedding to Him here, but He never really pushed for one Elsewhere now it seems to be very important to Him. Loki has also stressed getting to know my Disir and starting to honor my ancestors. Despite having read plenty about it especially, on Galina Krasscova’s blog, it’s just something I’ve avoided mostly because my most immediate kin who’ve passed away were fundamentalist Christians, and I’m not sure they’d approve of my going Pagan. Secondly, my dad was adopted and my mother grew up in the foster care system. I don’t know much about either side of the bio family. I know a bit from research I did, but there are more holes to be filled in than things I know for sure about any of them. I’ll try it and see how it goes.

There has also been more interactions with those closest to Loki. Hel has shown up mostly requesting her own alter space, and letting me know there’s a Day of the Dead skull figurine that she really likes that would be perfect on her alter. Besides Hel, I’m having more more interaction with Odin and Angrboda. It would seem that They have been dropping anvil sized hints about the work They want me to do for over a year, and I’d been missing it until recently. When I decided to go back to school I thought it had little to do with any plan They had I even doubted myself as a godspouse because everyone else seemed to have some work to do for Them. Bloggers, spiritworkers, people who could do divination, healers, craftspeople, artists, community leaders, and so on and here I was doing nothing. Then I noticed a certain pull to certain topics I kept coming across articles about feminism and women’s rights, LGBT rights such as gay marriage, the fact that their is still so much racism in America, religious freedom such as the legal battle the Maetreum of Cybele is involved in all these topics I became passionate about. Then it hit me I have a deep interest in Constitutional law if I go into any type of law it will be fighting for the basic rights of others. Shortly after Loki informed me you’ve found your passion and your calling. “We want people willing to fight for our people, and the causes important to Us and them.” He explained not all battles need be fought with weapons some need to be fought with words and intellect. So I’m going to get my degree as a paralegal, and then go on to law school. Besides my college professors it seems that there will be lesson from Loki and Angrboda. Angrboda seems to want to teach me more about diversity and marginalized groups. Odin simply wants an oath that my career will be devoted to helping people in the Pagan/Heathen/Wiccan community.

Getting back to the topic of my Disir Loki has pointed out that he would like me to study one aspect of my ancestry I haven’t explored much. I spent a good couple years trying to trace down my dad’s biological family’s roots and confirming that yes indeed my dad does have Native American ancestry. I’ve learned what I can about the culture and spirituality of that side of the family and incorporated some Native American practices into my own devotional work. My mom’s maiden name is McGee so it’s pretty obvious she has Scottish ancestry. Loki has mentioned what Norse ancestry I have comes mainly from that side of the family, and that it’s a pretty even mix of Norse and Celtic ancestry. So Loki has encouraged me to learn a bit about the Celtic Gods. In doing so I came across this article http://www.druidry.org/library/gods-goddesses/norse-loki-and-celtic-lugh . It certainly brings up an interesting theory I’m not entirely sure if there is a connection or what exactly it is if there is one but I’d love to hear any UPG or research that anyone has on the topic. 



It’s been…. busy.

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, but the past couple weeks have been insanely busy, we’ve had birthdays, back-to-school, family emergencies, a friend who had a nasty car accident and me going back to college. Loki wasn’t joking when He said it was time to get to work. Despite the three ring circus the past couple weeks have been Loki has been pushing me to learn as much as possible. He seems to approve of my return to college, but He has His own lessons He wants me to learn. Professor Loki may actually turn out to assign more homework than my actual college professors. Professor Loki also tends to be random as fuck learn the runes, learn to knit, you need to get back into crafting, w/We’re going to start doing spellwork, you need to learn Buddhist meditation techniques the list goes on. I’m trying to keep up, but I’m beginning to think there may not be enough hours in the day for all this. It’s all very exciting though, and for the most part I’m enjoying learning all these new things, but this blog may take a backseat to real life for awhile.        

Why Racism is Both Ignorant and Pointless

I just found this blog from a post left on Facebook let me say the author brought up some excellent and very valid points considering racism and religion. It certainly gives some people allot to think about when it comes to why the choose to hate.

"The Lokean"

First, before anything further is said, I would like to state that I not writing this blog on a timetable;  I only write when I know there is something worthwhile to share with the community and also that I can articulate this need in such a way that it will as anti-divisive as possible.   Heathenry/Asatru are terms for a large umbrella of faiths loosely connected by geographic location of origin as well as similar folk traditions, Gods, and oral/written histories.

However, with this being said; throughout all recesses of our community, there is a blight which both takes away our credibility as practitioners of legitimate religious traditions as well as has many of our most well-known among us listed among the throngs of ignorant radicals with single-issue causes that go directly against any semblance of dignity.   In our community, this division is especially pointless considering the idea of “racism” (prejudice…

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Things to do in the Silent Time

I just had to reblog this since I know to some extent what it is Julia is experiencing with the Silence and I also know what it’s like to try and explain something that has just always been for you. My time of silence came after my youngest daughter was born Loki had been so close before that, but when she was just a little over a week old and Loki was sure I was on the mend, He announced that He would be backing away for awhile. She’s important right now she needs to be your main focus for a time don’t worry I’ll be back, but it wouldn’t be fair for Me to ask you to try and divide your time between us right now. He promised to watch out for usand to come around occasionally but for the better part of a year Loki kept His promise to let me focus on Emily. That’s why I wasn’t very active in the community I wasn’t having many experiences with Him during that time. Some days I was too busy and too totally in love this this little person who I knew would be my last baby to really notice His absence. Other days I missed Him terribly but no amount of begging made Him show up. There were days when I started to wonder if I had imagined it all, but then there were things I knew I hadn’t imagined. My son still had regular contact with Loki and I would occasionally catch glimpses of Him whenever Nathan was around. No I wasn’t crazy, or being punished or ignored it was just a season apart. When He came back He came back full force making it clear He’d missed me too. When he came back He made it clear that it was time to get down to work. There are still days where He’s quiet, but there is the knowledge that it’s temporary He’s a God He gets busy sometimes.


I’m not sure what to make of others on the path sometimes I don’t know as much as Julia I’m fairly new to this and see myself as a student. However I’m old enough to start looking back on my twenties and wondering where all the time went while staring down 40 which is just a few short years off and thinking what have I really done with my life. I still have my moments of immaturity but at least now I mostly recognize that I’m being an ass when it happens doesn’t always stop me but at least I’m willing to admit I’m wrong once I’ve calmed down. I guess we all have our moments though no matter whether we’re twenty-something, soon to be thirty-six or any age after that. I don’t know exactly how to address the anger and frustration of others who are struggling to find their place on the path. For me it kind of happened I don’t think easily is the right word, but naturally maybe. I was seeing and hearing spirit from my earliest memories I have a hard time explaining it to people with communication problems because it’s always been a part of me I don’t know how or why it just was. I know it doesn’t sound fair but I never asked for it and I don’t know how to teach something I don’t remember learning. For me it was completely opposite I had to learn how to turn it off or block it out for my own sanity. I was one of those kids that “saw dead people”. I had an imaginary friend who had loved irony the name Loki told me to call Him as a child was Jake. Loki was throwing clue-by-fours my way at the tender age of four. I would grow up and almost forget about Him except for the times when that voice from childhood would show back up and save my ass on more than one occasion. For me I never struggled to hear or see I just did. Loki showed back up and as soon as I had accepted that He was real, not a negative entity and that somehow I had attracted the attention of a God he started talking marriage. The majority of my experience with Loki has been as a child under His protection or as a godspouse. That is my frame of reference for better or worse. I can only try explain the Loki I know if that offends you I don’t know what else to say. It doesn’t make me any better than anyone else, or any closer to Him I don’t think, since relationships of all kinds can be very deep and meaningful. It’s just me saying as much as I may want to help sometimes I don’t know how, because I never walked that path.